Hi Peter, I am Fabio (the tall Italian guy) we met a couple of days ago at the club. I would like to thank you for explaining to me how the course works, you have been very kind. Yesterday I book my “learn to sail level 1” for the weekend 18th-19th of April! It’s something I wanted to learn since long time! Looking forward to meeting you there.

Thank you.


Hi Peter

I hope you are well.

I just want to thank you again for the course which you presented 3 weeks ago. I really learned a lot and to me the highlight was the night sailing which was definitely a great experience and a skill which I would really like to learn more and become comfortable with. To this end, I am keen to continue on this path and do the level 3 course once it becomes available. In the mean while, I am gaining more confidence sailing my yacht and am getting more comfortable in the New Zealand conditions thanks to your course.

Kind Regards



Hey Coach
Thanks so much for a fab weekend. You have great patience and I have certainly come back feeling a lot more confident and have noticed as I talk with Hamish about our upcoming sailing I know more!!! So well done you. It was such fun as well and loved the group.

Thanks again Peter


Dear Peter,

This past weekend exceeded my expectations and has been, without a doubt, a sublime experience. Bobby is a fantastic coach and complimented Rick’s theory instruction brilliantly.

Thank you for accommodating me and making the experience so fulfilling. I look forward to crewing up as often as I can from the new year.

Could you please confirm my placement on the ‘Level 2 – Weekend Coastal’ as well as the details regarding start and finish times.

Many Thanks,



Hi Peter

Just a quick email to thank you and Rick for a great weekend-I had a great time and really enjoyed being introduced to sailing. All I have to do now is get some experience and then think about level 2!

All the best for the holidays, look forward to bumping into both of you soon.

Pls pass on my thanks to Rick for his tolerance and patience.




Hi Pete,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you.

Greg and I loved the level one course and felt it served as a great foundation for our future sailing endeavours.

In particular, I would like to give special credit to Bobby. We found him to be articulate, helpful and encouraging; making for a fantastic teacher.

Thanks again and hopefully see you soon for the level two course in the new year.

Wishing you a safe and relaxing holiday break.

Warm regards,



Hi Peter,

Hope you are well!
Oliver and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had on the level 2 cruising course to Kawau. Thanks again, it was an awesome experience and we really appreciate all you did to make it so great.

See you around!


Dear Peter

Thanks for checkin in. I really enjoyed the LTS course and you were great at teaching us the ropes, so to speak! I really would like to come out with my son for Rum Races. The only problem is all the after school activities that go on Friday afternoons and evenings that I have to chauffeur my kids around to. I will try to steal away one Friday in the not too distant future though.

In the meantime I’ll take a look at FB and keep in touch with what’s going on.

All the best,


Hi Peter

I just wanted to thank you for this introduction – I sailed on Stratocaster yesterday evening and everyone seemed to think it went pretty well – we are all looking forward to the rest of the series.

Hope to see you soon – I’m very tempted by the Great Barrier course, but need to work out how it will fit in with finishing my thesis.




Hey Peter.

It was great seeing you again and we would just like to say a great big “thank you” to you for a smashing few days at RNZYS. You showed great professionalism, knowledge, coupled with a great sense of humour, also you showed great empathy, which helps with teaching & training!
We both had a great time and learnt plenty, something that we will be taking with us to our next race!

Happy to be put forward for any skipper that’s looking……

Will grab a beer with you next time we’re there!

Best Regards Jonny & Sandra


Hey Pete

What an awesome weekend of fun and learning! Am hooked for sure! Enjoyed everything about the course the coaches the club. 5 stars for you all!

So to continue learning and practising am super keen to join a members boat crew on the weekends or evenings. I can go on weekends away and sleep on the boat if required, not a problem.

Am keen to join the womans or any other team if the races are on the weekend during winter. At the moment am not able to sail on Fridays. Other days of the week am able to arrange something at work to leave early to be on the club by 3pm. Fridays no chance tho.

I’d be more keen to join a team that is on the edge of competitive and chilled. Not too much competitive but not too chilled, you know what I mean? I want to be a decent sailor, so having more time to learn and practice now is key and am accepting any opportunity that comes across.

So looking forward to meet you guys soon! Have a good weekend.

Can you please send some of the photos/videos you took of us sailing?




Hi Peter,

Thanks for putting on a fantastic weekend. It really was a great course and a wonderful introduction to sailing. I’m hooked.
Thanks also for using your discretion and making the call to take us out on the water in the strong winds on Saturday – the chance to safely experience the fierce conditions, was a real bonus!

I really enjoyed the racing to close out the weekend. Nice to notch up some wins too! It’s easy to see how the ‘casual racing’ becomes very competitive…
I’m very keen to get more involved and develop my sailing skills. It’s clear that there’s a lot to learn and that it’s important to get out on the water as often as possible. So, with that, please can you:

  • Add me to the list of keen and interested people available for crewing on a boat for rum racing et al. I can’t promise to be available every Friday, but I’m keen to join in when I’m able two and when the opportunity arises.
  • Let me know when you have more details/dates for the race crew training course.

I also wanted to call out Niall’s coaching. Having someone knowledgeable with a sense of humour was a great way to learn! His confidence and skill on the water was reassuring when we set off in the fierce conditions at the start of day one. And when you told us there was going to be some racing on day two, I knew who’s boat I wanted to be in – not that I’m at all competitive…
Hopefully see you in the bar soon.


Hi Peter,

Firstly, thanks for the course it was exceptional I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Secondly, I’d very much like to do some more sailing preferably racing although anything will do. Although at this stage I can only do something for during the week after 5 or some mornings on Saturday. What can you recommend? I will have more time after New Year’s but I’d like to do some before that ideally.

Additionally, I’d like to express my interest for volunteering as well, looking at racing would be quite interesting but I’m open to suggestions. I’d be happy doing this for a while as well during the year as I will have a fair bit of time while I’m studying from late Feb.



Hey Peter,

Thanks for running the awesome course, will be keen to get more experience!

Available for the Friday (and some Saturday) races if there are any spots 🙂


Hi Peter,

What a great weekend! I really enjoyed the course, many thanks to both Bob and yourself for making it such an enjoyable experience.

Have attached the pics I took and I hope to be back at some point next year for another course.

Have a Merry Xmas and all the best for the New Year

Warm regards
Amber 😊


Hi Peter,

Thanks again for the coaching this weekend and for making it such a great experience. I learned a ton and really enjoyed the time on the water!

The rum races sound like awesome events to be a part of. If any boats in this coming Friday’s races are looking for crew or just someone to be on board the boat to hand them beers I’d certainly be keen to join!



Hi Peter,

A big thank you to you and to all Your crew. I had a lovely weekend.

As I said to you on Sunday would I like to be on Your waiting list for the Level 2 course in February.

Best regards,


Dear Peter

I was on the level 1 sailing course for 2 weeks. We had three very good teachers, it was amazing and the yacht club is fantastic too.
I would like to practice more sailing before starting Level 2 sailing. Do you know someone who would be happy to sail with me? I have time every day from 4 pm and the weekend.

Regards Claudio

Hi Peter,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me get out sailing yesterday.
I had an awesome time and will be back next week 😊 I am also sending in my membership application form. I am also still keen to do the race crew training, any chance you could let me know when you have the course schedule sorted?
Thanks once again, I hope to see you again soon.
Best wishes


I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 course, Bob is a good instructor and the other members of the crew were really good to be with.

Regards and thanks,


Hi Peter

My husband John and I would love to come along but don’t have the confidence just yet to be in charge of a boat in your race. We would be happy to crew in an MRX though if the skipper was fully aware of our novice learner status.
Totally loved the course with Bob but had no chance to practise as we are waiting for the mobile outboard servicers to come to do a home service.
Would definitely attend the barbecue only too if u can’t get us a crew spot on board anything. Already have plans to join the squadron when the freebie membership ends and are desperate to keep learning.
Your learn to sail course was just what we needed to give our confidence a boost.
Bob was a fab instructor.

Best regards
Marcia & John