Practical Level 1 Sailing Course MRX, Starting TBC


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RNZYS Level 1  Sailing Course MRX –


This Adult Learn to Sail Course is the practical part of the Lockdown Special theory lessons run via Zoom during Auckland level 4 lockdown. successful attendees will gain the Yachting New Zealand [internationally recognised] Level 1 sailing course certificate. format is 1 practical on water sailing day delivered by qualified YNZ instructors.

9am t0 5:30pm. Lunch will be provided in the Members Bar. Attendees will also receive a complimentary month’s membership of the club.

• Dates to be confirmed once Auckland goes to level 2 re-strictions


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By the end of this RNZYS Level 1 Weekend Sailing Course MRX Keelboat, you will be able to: –

Names six hazards that may apply when sailing a keelboat.
Name the major safety equipment and Know where safety equipment is stored on the vessel.
Know what clothing is suitable for sailing in a variety of conditions.
Name at least 3 ways of finding the weather forecast, and a basic understanding of isobars and frontal weather systems.
Use a formula for working out knots to km/hr.
Name all of the major parts of the boat and rig.
Understand basic sailing definitions
Tie and understand the uses of a Bowline, Stopper Knot, Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches, Sheet Bend and a Reef Knot.
Understand how to use a winch.
Name the different points of sail and their definitions, you will also be able to sail a boat in those directions.
Understand the basics of how the sail works.
Start and stop the motor safely
Have a basic understanding of crew positions.
Hoist the Mainsail
Hoist and change the Headsail.
Understand all of the steps involved, to Tack or Gybe the boat.
Understand the basics of sail trim and how to use the Tell-tales.
Have some knowledge of Port/Starboard, Windward / Leeward and Clear Ahead / Astern rules and understand the basic rules of avoiding collisions.
Know how to put in and shake out a Reef.
Understand the process to recover a Person Overboard.
Level 1 Sailing Course MRX. The course is completed sailing the Farr MRX boats. The MRX fleet consists of 11 identical 10.2 meters Farr yachts which in addition to Learn to Sail Courses are used for National and International match racing events and National fleet racing regattas.
They are also used for charter and corporate sailing events and by the owners for regular fleet and match racing.
The fleet has been a key element in the development of NZ’s vast talent of young sailors to national and international elite keelboat sailing culminating for many in successful America’s Cup careers.
As the boats are evenly matched and easy to sail, they provide exciting yachting for all levels of abilities from beginners to experienced yachties.
The fleet is professionally managed to ensure all users gain maximum benefits from these great yachts and berthed very close to RNZYS at Westhaven allowing easy access to the ideal sailing playground of Auckland’s Waitemata harbour.

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