Women’s Day Out a Huge Success

Women's Day Out

Women’s Day Out was a huge success on Saturday 12th August. A massive thank you to the team in the office who put the day together, the race management volunteers for running the races, the kitchen staff for all the food and the boat owners how leant their boats for the day and to all the women who went out and made it a success. We had 150 tickets sold and along with the volunteers we think there was just over 200 women on the water for the day. Lots of photos already online and possibly more to come from Chris our photographer for the day. We are looking forward to it going bigger and better next year!!

Sunday Sailing

After a foggy start on Sunday, it turned into a beautifully sunny day. We had a grand total of 5 students out on the water for their first day of their Level 1 course in the MRX. A little bit of theory and learning some useful sailing knots in the morning along with some boat familiarisation before lunch in the Member’s Bar. In the early part of the afternoon there was not a huge amount of wind to go sailing in, but perseverance won the day and it turned into a nice, but light breeze to keep the boat moving in and to practice all manoeuvres that were intended to be tried and tested on the water that day. Timing was perfect with achieving goals, the sun going down and the temperature dropping all aligned with heading in to tidy the boat away and warm up again. All in all a successful day and all students ready for day 2 next Sunday!

Women’s Day Out

Calling all Ladies! If you would like a sailing experience whether you have done level 1 or not we have our Women’s Day Out coming up on Saturday 12th August. It is a whole day event starting with a light breakfast at 9am, packed lunches to take on the water, a choice between a race around the harbour on a bigger boat (with at least 50% of the crew being female) or some fleet racing (all in the Elliott 7s and the whole crew being female) around a windward/ leeward course (up and down a set of buoys for 2  or 3 laps) and then dinner and prizegiving with a guest speaker in the evening. You can enter with a team or boat in mind or we can help you find a boat and maybe some new sailing friends! You can find out more details and book through the RNZYS website. Please let us know any dietary requirements when booking.   Keep Safe and Happy Sailing!

New Level 1 Course Dates

Woohoo! We have new level 1 course dates! With a mix of weekends, Sundays and weeknights and a mix of boats (MRX or Sonar). Do you know someone who has always talked about learning to sail? You can buy a voucher for a present – just get in touch. Do you want to learn a new skill? Feel the wind through your hair? Just want to enjoy the views of Auckland from another perspective? Level 1 is the perfect place to start, there is a mixture of theory both online modules (to make less classroom time), some classroom time to make sure we all understand the theory and to talk about the practical side of the course and then as much time on the water as we can! Lunch is included (or dinner if you choose the weeknight option). We have a few options for progression after this as well: Level 2 cruising or race crew training, finding some practical experience with some rum racing. We also have some ladies only course dates for those ladies who would like a go but would feel more comfortable having female peers. These dates are listed under ladies programmes on the course programmes section.   Head over to the course dates section to see available dates and to book on a course.   Keep Safe and Happy Sailing!


My name is Emily and I am the current Learn to Sail Manager for the Yacht Squadron. I come from a teaching background, more the actual teaching side of it. I have taught; dinghy sailing, beginner windsurfing, paddleboarding and powerboating between 2008 and 2019, in a number of different countries and until I came to New Zealand. In 2017 I was living in Australia and I was introduced to yacht racing, I learnt bow on a Farr 40 and had two lovely crews that looked after me and made sure I learnt lots and was safe up at the pointy end of the boat. This lead to enjoying being on bigger boats and some delivery work in 2018 around Europe. Since arriving at the Royal New Zealand Yacht squadron in 2021 I have mainly worked in the hospitality side, running the Member’s Bar and helping run events. When the opportunity to go back to my roots and my real passion – being on the water rather than beside it, came up I had to apply. It is definitely distracting being able to look at the water from the office, but I also feel incredibly lucky to work at such a beautiful location. I have enjoyed being able to get back on the water with some Rum Races and some Winter Series Races and trying different race crew positions on board different boats and with different crews.   Anyway! Please get in contact if I can answer any questions.   Keep Safe and Happy Sailing!